A destination wedding is a completely different experience from a traditional wedding. By celebrating in a different country, your special day will not only be a one-day celebration, but it will be an unforgettable vacation for you, your family and your loved ones.

Weddings can be stressful, we know it. But a destination wedding can be less stressful because you will have us, a resort coordinator and many other professionals who are experts on wedding planning (and our service is FREE)
On average, most destination weddings can be cheaper. If you marry at a resort, you will be getting group discounts and packages that help reduce costs, fewer guests will attend your wedding, and you will be having great natural surroundings as decoration!

We recommend marrying at a resort because:

  • You get amazing discounts for your event, upgrades and free stuff.
  • All of your guests will be enjoying the vacation together in one place.
  • Resorts have totally prepared facilities for any scenario.
  • You only deal with us and the resort, not with lots of vendors.
  • You will avoid hassles like late arrivals, transportation or buying alcohol.

Your budget will set the pace. Your number of guests, the resort you choose and the season of your wedding will make the cost vary, but approximately a Resort Wedding will cost you between $150 to $350 usd per guest, including ceremony, dinner, music and decoration. It can vary and some resorts will even give you an almost free wedding if your guests book there. On average, a destination wedding costs between $10,000 and $20,000 usd.

Choosing your wedding location is the most important thing to start with, whether it’s at a resort or at a private location. To choose the resort, our Resort Wedding Planners will give you personalized recommendations based on your personality and your number of guests. There are hotels focused on elegance, adventure, party, zen or other differences that go with your dreamed event and your group’s likes.

Not having time to travel, physical impossibility or travel costs (which we can reduce) can make some of your guests think twice about attending. Destination weddings are usually more intimate, with only your family and close friends there, but planning your wedding in advance will give your guests time to schedule and save money.

Starting to plan your wedding approximately a year before will give you time to find availability and better deals and rates, but weddings can be planned in less time. It’s very important to consider the time of the year you want to get married, and the number of guests you’ll be inviting.

It’s not common. With destination weddings, it’s normal that each guest pays for their own stay and the couple will pay for the event and dinner. Sometimes the event and dinner are free when your group meets the requirements of rooms booked, but it depends on the resort.

Most resorts ask for 80% to 90% of the guests to be staying at the hotel in order to have your event. If a guest is staying somewhere else, they are usually asked to pay for a day-pass or a wedding-pass to attend the wedding, which normally ends up being more expensive than having stayed at the resort. We make sure you have no problem with this, and we recommend planning ahead to get the best low rates and for your guests to be able to save money.

Yes, almost every resort will ask for an initial deposit that is a percentage of the rooms you will be blocking. Why block rooms? That way your guests will be having the best rate we negotiated, all of your guests will be able to book even if the hotel has no more rooms left, and it is a requirement to have special discounts and upgrades for your wedding.

Most hotels ask for a 20 room block for 3 nights, but we are the best in finding the best solution to your needs and helping you pay only the right amount.

We are dedicated to always finding a solution, never leaving you alone in the process. Your Resort Wedding Planner will give you detailed information and joint review of your wedding package and contract, where it will specify if your money can be refunded, and the plan B in case of fortuitous events. Every hotel has its own policies and we will recommend the best deal for you, but sometimes work has been done in order to start planning an event and a complete refund cannot be made.

Depending on the country, there are specific requirements:

  • If you want a symbolic wedding, there are no documents required.
  • Religious weddings have a process to follow depending on your religion, but it’s best to go to your nearest facility and ask for the process.
  • Legal ceremonies can be valid for other countries. For example, in Mexico you will need an ID like a passport, blood tests made prior to your event and IDs of your witnesses. These requirements are not the only ones and they can vary depending on the county’s government, so it’s best to ask your Resort Wedding Planner about other specifications and changes.

A great alternative many couples choose is to have their legal/civil ceremony in their home country beforehand, and have a religious/symbolic ceremony during the destination wedding.

Here in Resort Weddings, one of our Resort Event Planners will start attending your wedding from day 1 until you are back home happily married. We understand the importance of your event, and we prioritize giving 24/7* attention, years of on-site experience and the best communication. We work alongside with the resort’s coordinators, so you will be completely stress free and your resort coordinator will make your wedding day a dream come true.

We’ve got you covered. Every hotel we work with has on-site weddings coordinators that will also be attending you though your event planning. We will work together with them to ensure your wedding is amazing from start to finish, but we only work on-site weddings when our agency Contacto Azul is contracted for the Expanded Wedding Planning service.

We love being completely transparent. Our service is completely free, and we give you attention 24/7* to any question you may have. We make our living from the hotel rooms we help your group book or other services we give to your group like tours and transportation.
If you want exclusive attention and on-site supervision from our experienced Planners, our exclusive brand Contacto Azul will give you unique attention and extraordinary Expanded Wedding Planning service to be physically present on every moment of your site visits and your wedding day, upgrading and making every moment of your event incredible.

Once you get in contact with one of our Resort Weddings Planners, we will recommend the perfect resort depending on your wedding date, your likes and your needs. After choosing, a contract will be revised and signed, and an advance payment made. With that, your wedding date is booked and we can start planning your special day.

Of course you can. But hotels have wedding planners with lots of workload and they will take time to answer you. We want you to have the best attention throughout your whole wedding experience, and our +20 years of experience will give you necessary tips and recommendations. Plus, we negotiate with hotels to get the best rates, complements and discounts for you and your guests, always guaranteeing great attention and quality service.

Most hotels will charge you for the site visit stay or menu tasting if you haven’t signed a contract to book your event and block rooms. But with us, negotiations can be made in order to use that payment as credit for your wedding stay, always depending on the resort.

Some resorts will allow you to bring your own photographer or hair and make-up stylist if they are guests staying in the resort, but this varies from every resort. Others will charge you a fee for external vendors. We recommend using the resort’s vendors since they are experienced in the destination and know details and tips that can change your day completely, and they have a variety of choices in case you don’t make a connection with one.

Be sure to check with your Resort Wedding Planner for your wedding package inclusions. Most hotels have great services of photography, videography, drones, and spa with room service for your “getting ready”.